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It's normal to feel lost after a diagnosis.

Doctors are short on time. Patients have a lot of questions.

We help healthcare providers empower patients with VIDEO.

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We are ...

  • Patient Advocates
  • A Resource to help patients ask better questions when they see their healthcare providers
  • A community to show that you aren’t alone in your medical challenges.

We are here as a preventative healthcare guide to help you digest what’s happening in your world and also introduce you to others who are coping with similar circumstances.

We are not ...

  • Doctors/Healthcare Providers/Medical Advisors
  • A self – diagnosis tool
  • A place to criticize healthcare providers. We aren’t out here to demonize the medical system.

We are here to complement the medical system as a preventative healthcare platform to help minimize patients bouncing back into the hospital.

We let the doctors and hospitals do the diagnosing and treatment.


We work with healthcare professionals to share their wisdom, so you feel empowered in your healthcare journey.

WHY Health Yourself

  • patient in bed

    You go to the doctor’s or hospital and get a diagnosis.  You have surgery or they patch you up as best they can. You go back home expected to carry on with everyday life.

  • person with drilling

    In the year 2000 six major chronic diseases cost Canada 31 billion in direct healthcare costs, and 64 billion in indirect costs from labour productivity lost.

  • hospital gown

    We all know there is no time in our current society to be sick or fall behind. This all leaves us feeling rather … exposed.

  • person with questions

    Recovery can be a messy and confusing process. There are questions to ask, appointments to navigate, new meds and lifestyle changes to digest. They often all need to start weeks before your first follow up appointment.

  • car and clock

    There are programs offered by the hospital, but a lot of people are too sick, too far away or they have to get back to work to make up for their time off. Who has time to go to a dietician for a mid-day appointment when you’ve already missed five days of work?

  • woman on couch

    Who do you turn to for guidance? We are your bridge between healthcare professionals and home. We interview professionals and patients so you can ask better questions.  It’s all on one central resource that you can watch anywhere at any time.

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