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About Health Yourself

At Health Yourself Guide, we focus on empowering the patient on their healthcare journey.

We work with healthcare professionals to find answers to the most common questions, and then deliver that information to the patient when they’re ready to receive it.

We do that in a few ways:

  • Private platforms to host videos for hospitals and healthcare professionals
  • Social Media Campaigns (we make your message fun and with targeted marketing get it to the right people)
  • Our new weekly web series. (soon to also be a podcast!)
  • Email newsletters.

We work with each healthcare organization to deliver their core messages and information in an entertaining and fun way.

We work with hospitals and healthcare providers to make sure our information is accurate, but then we take medical content to the next level by making something people actually want to watch!

Have a look around at a lot of health communication.  They either talk about how great the facilities are, how great the staff is, or if they do talk about health, they do it like a drivers ed tutorial from the 80’s.

People are already sick, why make them ill with horrible videos?!

We get it. Health communication is a technical dance.  The legal ramifications are massive, and because of this, it leaves doctors and hospitals afraid to say anything to a broader audience.

That doesn’t mean you have to create boring videos though.

Health Yourself Guide recruits television producers to create content that people would actually WANT to watch.   And then we post that content on youtube and social media so it is available to a wider audience.

Our founder is a former producer for Discovery Channel Canada. It was her business to take dense scientific material and turn it into an engaging story.

Health Yourself Guide is healthcare entertainment with a devotion to medical accuracy. We want to capitalize on technology to provide Canadians with better health information at no cost.

We put patients first so they can rally in the fight of their lives back to health.

We’re working with these amazing organizations.   Want to work with us? Please contact us for more information.

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