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Welcome to Health Yourself

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Paddler in hospital gownWe wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves and what we’re about.

We are Patient Crusaders.

Millions of dollars are being put into apps and technology for the healthcare system, but the tech industry often forgets one key factor.

There are humans living through these exceptional treatment programs.

They’re scared.  They have questions.  And they’re already exhausted from treatment, or from being a caregiver.

They are not in a place to go out and advocate for themselves.

That’s why Health Yourself guides and  does the legwork for them.   Health Yourself realizes that well being doesn’t come in tidy check marked boxes.  Often the root causes of chronic conditions are barely touched upon as there just isn’t time in the current medical model to focus on a lot of preventative care.

There certainly isn’t time to share your feelings with others on a similar journey.

We are storytellers and information harvesters.   We work with healthcare professionals to find answers to the most common questions, and then deliver that information to a global audience.  Through Social Media, and email newsletters we deliver curated health information on your particular condition so you can have easy access to information to make key decisions with your doctor or specialist.

We do not diagnose. We provide information so patients can ask their healthcare providers better questions.  We curate materials that the patient can access on their phone or computer any time of day or night.

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