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Breaking Down the Barriers to Healthcare

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We want to help hospitals and healthcare agencies communicate effectively with their patients.

We know, this is a huge endeavour. That’s why we need your help.  We all know that the system often operates in silos, but in order to look at total health we can’t keep breaking the body off into separate categories and not looking at the whole picture. That’s why our long-term goal is to be a video driven platform for all aspects of healthcare.   

How do we make that happen? We are going to start tackling one healthcare niche at a time with key partners like you.

Patients, have a lot of questions. They’re not at their best when they leave the hospital to recover. They may not be taking all the information in that they need to understand.

Doctors have answers, but they are already over scheduled. The attendance to hospital programs isn’t always great. We’ve all seen the reports on barriers to healthcare.

We want to partner with you to make engaging healthcare resources for your patients.

Health Yourself will work with your team to guide and identify key areas where patients need education.   We then reverse engineer medical content that communicates with them in a language they understand.

With you as a consultant to make sure we are factually accurate at every turn, we work with you to help patients understand their disease. We help them look towards the path of recovery with actionable tools, and also take a good dive into preventative care so they don’t bounce through hospital doors as often.

We will provide the creative team to help you break down the barriers to care that patients face.  In the process we create a trusted resource that tackles some of the gaps in healthcare communications.

Curious about how it could work for you and your team?

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