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Why Health Yourself?

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Darlene SunnertonThis is Darlene Sunnerton.

She had two separate rounds of breast cancer, has type two diabetes, a hernia, two hip replacements, a knee replacement, a heart attack, multiple angioplasty stents and a double bypass, and an annual battle with bronchitis.

Interestingly enough she has never had chicken pox.

And yes, she’s still alive. She wakes up every day thinking about how she can help others. She is pretty much invincible in the eyes of her children and grandchildren.

She grew up, worked hard, got married and had babies, and then kept giving as she lived and survived all of these medical incidents over three decades.

With a courageous spirit, every time a diagnosis came she took a breath, and asked the doctors what next.  She’s always remained positive.  She went to her appointments, kept looking for special ways to spoil her children even while sick from chemo, went to church and looked to spoil others.

The medical system patched her up every single time and got her back out there, but it lacked person to person resources.

We were sent home each time with pamphlets and a table full of new prescriptions. There were written resources for what to do next and how to cope with her diagnosis, but there was a limited community to turn and share war stories with.

There was no one there to show her how to live a lifestyle to prevent such things happening again.

Health Yourself Guide grew out of a need to provide that beacon when people are at their most vulnerable. We want to make it easier for others. This site is dedicated to Darlene and others who are searching for help.

We take the time to ask questions for the people who are suffering so they don’t have to fight when they’re feeling weak.

That is our company’s pledge to you, the patient.  We hope you feel better soon.

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